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3S INTERNATIONAL Company Limited is the leading supplier and manufacturer in China specialized in many kinds of

protective Products, like Plastic Pipe Caps, Plastic Pipe Plugs, Plastic Flanges
Face Caps and Protectors, Plastic Valve

Covers, Plastic Socket Weld End Covers, Plastic Square/Rectangular/Round Plugs, Oilfield Thread Protectors (like EU,

NU, New VAM for tubing, STC, LTC, BTC for casing and REG, FH, IF for drill pipe)
, etc. Our Plastic Protective Products 


use low-density or high density polyethylene as raw material, they are environmentally friendly, and can resistant to

weather and petroleum. Our Plastic Protective Products are easy to install and remove, they are used to protect 

pipes, tubes, flanges, valves, fittings, etc from damage and contamination during transit, handling and storage.

Warmly welcome domestic and foreign friends to work and cooperate with us !


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The Stainless Steel Groove Manifold we produce for our customers is undergoing water pressure testing.The goods will be delivered to the customer at the end of May.From production to testing to packaging, 河南快3平台-【官网首页】 is committed to providing our customers with High-Quality Stai



High quality plastic thread protectors have been packed and will be shipped to our customers soon

The 100 pairs plastic NC70 thread protectors purchased by the customer have been produced and will be shipped to our customer's warehouse after packaging.
After receiving our pictures of the plastic thread protectors, the customer expressed high appreciation and said that they would continue to orde



3S INTERNATIONAL: Pump Optimization Solution

We have been customizing Manifold for our customers in pump system.



3S International: It Is Vital To Wash Your Hands Properly Against The 2019-nCoV

1. Remember to wear N95 or disposable medical masks when going out.2. It is an important precaution to wash your hands frequently. 3. If you need to receive takeaway or express delivery, it is better to let the delivery person be out of the door and reduce contact between both parties. 4. Do not bu



3S International: Our Manifold Factory Has Resumed Production

Our factory has resumed full production on February 18, and has been accelerating the production of some orders.We insist on providing high quality products and considerate service to each of our customers.


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